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Cheeseburger Nachos


Viral creme brûlée croissant

Viral Garlic Cream Cheese Stuffed Bagel

Brie and Black Truffle baked Mac and Cheese in a bread bowl

Korean Corn Cheese Bread

Cacio e pepe sheet pan mac

TATOR TOT breakfast casserole

Spinach, sundried tomato and Spicy Sausage stuffed shells hack

Baked crispy gnocchi with mozzerlla sauce

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Jessica Hirsch, known as CheatDayEats on Instagram and ItsMyCheatDay on TikTok, is a former math teacher turned full-time content creator. Born and raised in New York, she has always had a profound passion for food. Jessica considers herself fortunate and grateful every day to live her dream job, sharing her exceptional work with her incredible online community across the world. With her exceptional photography and videography skills, Jessica joined the elite Sony Alpha Collective Team over six years ago, comprising some of the world’s finest digital content creators. In 2014, while working as a full-time math teacher, she launched CheatDayEats on social media. In 2017, Jessica made the decision to leave her teaching career behind and fully dedicate herself to content creation and brand and restaurant consulting. Over time, her business has evolved to encompass the creation of exceptional recipes while continuing her consulting work for restaurants and reviewing all the “cheat day” worthy spots. Throughout her career, Jessica has collaborated with renowned brands such as Sony, Pepsi, Olive Garden, Godiva, American Express, B&H, Grubhub, IHOP, and Cheetos, among others. Her work has garnered recognition from prominent media outlets including NBC’s Daytime TV, ABC, Buzzfeed, Eater, Entrepreneur, Cosmopolitan, and Refinery29. Notably, Jessica’s achievements led to her feature on the NASDAQ Board in Times Square, New York City.

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